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Preparing For Surgery

Checklist for Surgery


  • No food after midnight (Water is OK).
  • Patient drop-off will be between 7:00-8:00am.
  • Bring all your medications, special diet, and/or e-collar with you. We will refill what is needed, if you do not bring an e-collar with your pet or at time of pick-up, we will make sure your pet goes home with one (cost $10-30 depending on size and material, we offer different options for collars) NO exceptions.

*If your pet needs to take medications the morning of surgery, please call Sirius Vet, at least 1 day in advance, to make sure the medication will not counteract with any treatments planned for your pet.

  • You will leave a deposit for the low end of the estimate on the morning of surgery.
  • We perform surgeries from 8am – 4pm; you will be contacted as soon as we are finished (No News is Good News!).
  • Patient will be hospitalized overnight for post-operative care.


  • We will perform rounds in the morning, check on all of our patients, and will call you between 8:00-9:30am to give you an update and schedule a pick-up appointment.
  • Discharge will typically take 15-30 minutes.

*Discharge will consist of final payment, scheduling recheck appointments, and going over discharge instructions.

  • We will discuss medications, give you some exercises to do at home, review any x-rays, and answer any additional questions.
  • It is not uncommon for your pet to be a little sleepy or wobbly when they go home.
  • There may be a bandage over the IV catheter site. This can be removed when you get home.


  • Medications can begin the first evening. *Pick a time that works for you (6p-6a, 7p-7a, etc.).
  • Start by feeding 1/4 to 1/2 of a normal meal. Many patients do not have a big appetite following surgery. Allow them a few days to regain their normal appetite.

Feel free to call the clinic with any questions. Voicemails are automatically emailed to us so we can get your message outside of the clinic. We will try to contact you within two hours. If you have an emergency please do not wait for a call back and head to the closest emergency veterinary clinic.

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