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Why See a Veterinary Specialist?

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Why See a Veterinary Specialist? What Sirius Veterinary Orthopedic Center Wants You to Know

Sirius Veterinary Orthopedic Center is dedicated to helping you and your veterinarian to achieve optimal health for your pet. Our team is designed to provide very focused and high-level care to pets who need it the most. It's always our goal to improve your pet's quality of life. Often, patients wonder why they need to see a specialist for the care their pets need. The answer is, simply, because just like a human needs a specialist to handle surgeries and doesn't rely on their family doctor to do so, so do pets.

Advanced Training Matters

When your pet needs veterinary surgery, you want the very best level of care for him or her. And, that's what you get when you visit us. Our veterinary specialists receive their undergraduate degree and then spend four years in veterinary school. Then, they continue on typically with an additional one-year internship before completing two or three years of advanced training in a specific area of focus. Some focus on veterinary surgery, others internal medicine, oncology, emergency and critical care, or other areas. After all of this education and hands-on training, they then must take an intensive examination to show their competence before becoming board certified.

It is only with this level of education and dedication that your pet can receive the highest quality of care and attention that they need. If your pet needs surgery, you can expect Sirius Vet to be the best possible environment for it.

How Our Veterinary Specialists Stand Out

We don't replace your veterinarian, nor do we provide the same services your vet does. Our complimentary service provides specialized care in a state-of-the-art facility. We've designed our location to ensure our team has the latest tools and resources to provide the best level of diagnostic, treatment, and ongoing care pets need. Our location is designed specifically to provide orthopedic surgery and advanced treatments in a careful, safe, and secure environment.

Advanced Care Is Always Available with Our Veterinary Care

Your pet is your family member. We understand just how important they are to you. Most importantly, you want to know your pet is getting the very best care and the most advanced service available. We can do that at Sirius Vet. We offer cutting edge treatment and procedures that may not be available elsewhere. With these tools and veterinary care, we aim to increase the longevity and the quality of your pet's life.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Orthopedic Veterinarian near Omaha Today!

If your four-legged athlete is struggling to get up and down, is having trouble getting around, or is suffering from a significant limp, ask your veterinarian for a referral to Sirius Vet. You can schedule an appointment with your orthopedic veterinarian near Omaha by contacting us now at 402-934-1332.

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