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Why is my Dog Limping?

Dog getting his Leg wrapped.

Why is my Dog Limping?

When you notice your dog limping, you may have concerns about the cause of the behavior. Limping suggests an injury to your pet's legs, but it may stem from a variety of situations and factors. An orthopedic veterinarian near Omaha offers a solution to help with limping by identifying the cause and then providing a treatment strategy.

Common Causes of Limping in Dogs

The common causes of limping in dogs depend on the situation and your pet's injuries. Hind limb injuries differ from forelimb injuries so the appropriate treatment varies based on the pet's situation and the specific factors involved in limping.

Common factors causing limping include:

  • A rock or other items stuck in a pet's toes
  • Ingrown or overgrown toenails
  • Bites from insects or other animals
  • Muscle soreness from playing, exercise or other activities
  • Ligament or tendon tears
  • Long bone and joint fractures
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer or lumps in the limbs
  • Neurological disease

The type of injuries your pet may face varying from broken bones to cuts and bruises. Depending on the severity of the injuries, a professional may recommend veterinary surgery to correct the underlying problem. Some situations resulting in limping are mild and do not require surgical procedures. However, if your four-legged athlete does not improve with rest and pain medications they should see an orthopedic surgeon.

Treatments for Limping

A treatment plan for limping depends on the situation and cause of the behavior. In most cases, an orthopedic veterinarian near Omaha identifies the cause of limping and then develops a strategy. It may be as simple as removing a rock from your pet's foot or treating an insect bite. In other situations, your pet may need surgery to repair fractures, stabilize ligament tears, or address other underlying conditions. We may also suggest regenerative medicine (hyperlink), laser therapy, or rehabilitation for older pets with arthritis after determining the cause and ensuring that your pet does not have other factors contributing to his or her pain.

When to Consider Veterinary Care

You want to consider veterinary care for your pet when you notice limping or signs of pain. Do not ignore limping, since it may be related to broken bones, injuries to the joint or even soft tissue injuries.

A veterinarian will suggest referral to an orthopedic surgeon when your pet has certain injuries to the joint, nerve damage, or a broken bone. Our treatments vary based on the injuries and it is usually best to seek professional treatment when you are unsure about the cause of limping.

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